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and everything will be okay.

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This community is for the fans who love the pairing Tora/Saga from the band alice nine.
smile♥ & everything will be okay

Hello and welcome to saga_x_tora, a community dedicated to Tora and Saga of alice nine.
This community is only for members. Please join if you would like to post or read.

Warning: This community contains male/male content. Please turn away if it's not your cup of tea.

Rules and Guidelines.:
What's allowed here?: This is a Tora/Saga community, anything associating with Tora/Saga please post! Anything from graphics to fanfiction to fanart!

Etiquette: Please keep this a pleasant community! There is absolutely no tolerance for:
Racism, sexism, and any other degrading comments towards the community and the people in it.

Tora/Saga: This is a TORA&SAGA and let's keep it that way!
You may only post fanfiction or media with Tora/Saga or Saga/Tora. They MUST be the main pairing.

Posting Etiquette: We like our community neat, organized, and clean!
Please follow the posting guideline when posting your fanfiction or media. Please do not use different font or color or size to make your post stand out. This is why we have default community fonts. And finally please put all large items and fanfiction under a cut! (Learn how to use an LJ cut here!)

Titling Your Post.:
Please only title your post the title of your piece. Do not add "alice nine. tora/saga: titlehere." This is redundant seeing as this is an alice nine. community of Tora and Saga.

Posting Format.:
Please use this posting format to post your fanfiction!

Title: The name of your story, if there is none, type "untitled"
Author: Who wrote this piece?
Genre: What kind of story is it, horror, sci-fi, angst, etc.?
Pairing: Tora/Saga or Saga/Tora
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. Make sure to put this here so the younger members know what they'll be reading.
Disclaimer: Always state that you do not own Tora, Saga, or alice nine. to prevent from getting sued.
Summary: A brief sentence or quote from your story. Or a small paragraph or sentence describing what it's about.
Warning: Any warnings about the story at all post here.

Please use this format to submit fanart!
Title: The name of your piece, if their isn't one, type "untitled."
Author: Your name here.
Rating: State whether your fanart is G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17.
Warnings: State whether it might or might not be safe for the younger ones in our community.
Comments: Any comments you have about your piece please leave it here!
You may add a SMALL preview of your piece if you like.

Please use the community's set tagging, do not create your own tags. This helps keep the community organized!

And Finally.:
Just have fun here! This common love for Tora/Saga is what brought us here to become friends.

From the Mod: If you have any questions, comments, or concerns towards this community, please PM me or email me! My email is under the contact information!